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Can a nothing affect a something like the Universe?

Posted by Roger Klang på september 8, 2011

Can a nothing affect a something like the

Can a nothing affect a something? Could
the reason for the universe accelerated expansion be that nothing has an effect
on something, ie. a vacuum as ”nothing” is, pulls out what is – something
– and thus nothing interacts with something? Then, ”nothing” must
exist, but it  does not.

After the Big Bang had expanded beyond a
certain point and, consequently, lost energy in the center of the explosions
gravity center, there was nothing that could hold back the expanding universe.
This allowed the vacuum from nothing to become the driving force for the
universe’s accelerating expansion. Which in turn means that the expansion of
the universe will never be reversed, because the gravity center of the center
of the universe spreads, while the nothing outside the universe’s boundaries stretch
out the universe as ‘nothing’ is affecting something, or with other words;
something, in order to exist in a nothing, need to extend accelerating and thus
can only come to exist through something having a beginning (Big Bang) which room-time
is spreading outward in all directions from its starting point in the room. One
must therefore account for the influence a ”magnitude” as a nothing has
on the universe! Not even nothing is a nothing, for something to exist means
that something´s mathematical laws must be adapted to the effect nothing has on
something, in this case, a nothing that seems to ”expand” the
universe in an accelerating rate. Even if it would be an illusory ”suction”,
it means that the universe’s existence is contingent in itself! A suction that
can only exist as long as something exists by the way. Perhaps the existence of
something turn nothing into something?

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sweden,



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